identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System™

The identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System is a powerful biometric ID platform that uses finger scanning to provide indisputable proof of student identification. With just the touch of a finger, it eliminates the need for ID cards and ID numbers allowing schools and school districts to increase accountability, improve operations and boost security. 

How Does it Work?

Once the students are enrolled in the identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System, they can be identified quickly and accurately to any other third party software application that uses swipe card, bar code or ID number input.

The identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System uses a single common database for student identification in the cafeteria, classroom, attendance office, school entrance, nurse's office, library, for dances and athletic events - anywhere in your school where you need to identify students!

Why should your school use the identiMetrics Finger Scanning ID System?

  1. To save time and money...and improve your operations. 
  2. To have accurate and auditable records for essential governmental funding. 
  3. To know who is in your school and where your students are at all times.

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